Common questions about Positive Breakthroughs

A membership with Positive Breakthroughs is the most cost-effective way of running or starting your business. Our yearly fee is much lower than other organisations who charge fees in the high thousands. What’s more, we will never take a cut out of the profits you make from your practice. All the profits are yours to keep.


There is absolutely no catch.


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The only cost involved is the yearly membership fee.

You are, however, responsible to arrange and pay for your own qualifications or accreditation, and your own professional insurance.

To become a member with Positive Breakthroughs:

  • You must be licensed
  • You must have your own insurance
  • If you are not a practising psychologist, you must be able to refer your client to a psychologist if there is trauma involved. If you are not able to refer your client, we can work with you to refer your client to a registered psychologist in your State.
  • If you are not qualified, you can arrange for your own accreditation (at your expense) through our partner organisations (Life Coaching Academy and Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors), and you will have to pay for your own course(s). Positive Breakthroughs do not pay for courses.

You may contact our partner organisations Life Coaching Academy and Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC) to obtain the correct qualifications for your field of study.


As a counsellor, you need industry linkage for professional recognition, and our affiliation with them will ensure you get the supervision, support, and recognition you need to succeed in your practice.


You must organise, and pay for, your own qualifications.

You will have to tell us whom you studied with, because we require our providers to be internationally accredited. It is a requirement to have studied a course that is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

You may also arrange to study with our affiliated organisations Life Coaching Academy and Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC) to ensure you have the right qualifications.

We do not guarantee clients, and we do not look for clients on your behalf. However, being a member means you can use the Positive Breakthroughs name, reputation, network and systems, and you will never be stuck on how to find and manage clients.

No, we do not take a cut off your bills or profits. Everything you make off your clients belongs to you.

Yes, you must organise and pay for your own professional insurance.

No. You may keep your clients if you cancel your membership. However, if you cancel or don’t pay your membership fees for the year, you will lose the exclusive right to practise in your State, and someone else will take your place in your State.

We do not sign anyone else (whether that would be a life coach, counsellor psychologist or psychiatrist) in a State if there is already a Positive Breakthroughs member in that State.

You may choose to run your practice to provide individual counselling or as an EAP (Employee Assistance Program). Positive Breakthroughs is set up for both business models.

It means that only one Positive Breakthroughs member can practise in a State in a country. It doesn’t matter if you are a life coach, executive coach, counsellor or psychologist, if you are a Positive Breakthroughs member, you will be the only one to practise under our umbrella in your State.


If you cancel your membership, you will lose your territory. Positive Breakthroughs will assign someone else for that territory, and that person will remain the sole practitioner in that territory until they cancel their membership.

As soon as you become a member, you will have a dedicated person to support you for the first 7 days with any questions you might have. You will also have personal access to Liza Pavlakos to work with her as a mentor.


After that you can email Positive Breakthroughs at any time with any concerns or questions you might have.


You will also have access to our private Facebook group, where we host monthly videoconferencing calls so that you can have your concerns or questions answered.

If you cancel your membership, or don’t pay the yearly fee, you may keep your clients. Positive Breakthroughs will not take your clients, nor will we take a cut of your profits. However, you will lose your exclusive right to practise in your State under the Positive Breakthroughs umbrella, as we will assign the right to someone else.


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