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We are a business that gives back. We rise by lifting others.

Our business is built not just to empower you, but your clients as well.

Positive Breakthroughs began in 2020 at the start of the Global Pandemic, after founder Liza Pavlakos, a well-known keynote speaker, found a real need for mental health providers to provide support and care to others. At the end of each of her speeches, she found that she was always referring people to mental health services. However, in certain countries these services were not readily available.

Positive Breakthroughs was set up to serve those falling through the cracks of the current mental health system. Our goal is to partner with well-qualified counsellors and executive coaches to help us extend our exceptional counselling and life coaching care across the globe.

We want to impart to you all the expertise, trade secrets and support you need to run a successful business and faithfully reproduce the cheerful experience clients have come to expect at Positive Breakthroughs.

“I am only one person, and I can only do so much.
I want to equip people, to help more people.”

“I am only one person, and I can only do so much. I want to equip people, to help more people.”

Liza Pavlakos never thought she would start Positive Breakthroughs. She is a successful businesswoman and acclaimed keynote speaker with a powerful voice on successful entrepreneurship and authority on mental resilience. Although she has energized thousands to discover their hidden potential and attain their goals in the face of the toughest challenges, she has also discovered many people whom she met on her speaking tours have open wounds within them that needed healing.


She understood what it was like to have no opportunity, no family, no finances, and no emotional backing to overcome life’s challenges. She wanted to change the narrative and leave a legacy – to give the individual solutions and not take from them. She wanted to build a business built to empower, to give the individual the opportunities she never had.


This is where Positive Breakthroughs come in. We want to expand to all countries so that more and more people will have access to quality mental health services.

Will you join us?

The new standard for counselling therapy practice

We work with a team of experienced chartered psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, life coaches and executive coaches who are passionate about improving the mental health of individuals and committed to offering them the right therapy.


We are here for you. Let us know how we can help you.