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Liza pavlakos

Executive Coaching, EAP Services, Public Speaking Training & Psychotherapy

A qualified psychotherapist, and transformation executive coach, Liza leads others down the path of achievement, self-validation, self-love and worth, enabling them to tap into the ultimate power of the human spirit, no matter how traumatic their past.

An expert on leadership, team building and performance, Liza has inspired people worldwide with her deep knowledge on achieving success and reaching goals.


Her ability to ignite and inspire the inner fire in her audiences saw her honoree of the prestigious Golden Gavel Award, and recognition as one of the Top 10 Female Speakers in the world, 2020.


Winner of the Super Achievement Award from The Women’s World Leadership Congress plus the People’s Choice of Excellence Award from the HR Asia Summit, Liza continues to motivate and exhilarate drawing from the vast stores of strength and knowledge within her.


Areas of expertise.


Stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, goal setting, time management, mediation, business goal strategies, public speaking training and EAP Services to corporate clients.